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At United Building Company (UBC) we transform our client’s vision into award winning buildings, each built to stand the test of time.
We work towards a shared goal: To be your general contractor leading through inclusion, safety and sustainability.



UBC’s executive team brings a diverse set of skills and experience, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on company operations. Although from varied backgrounds, our leaders have a common vision and set of shared values: We possess a devotion to our clients, a passion for construction and a dedication to ensuring the personal and professional growth of each member of our team.



We are committed to the protection of human rights and the advancement of all persons with whom we work. This includes all of our team members, our subcontractors, our business partners and our neighbors.  

UBC has nurtured a subcontractor list over hundreds of successful collaborations. We perform extensive evaluations, keep records of subcontractor performance and require periodic re-qualification by each of them. When selecting subcontractors for a particular development we consider which one is best for the type and size of the job. We promote minority enterprises and women owned businesses, as well as those operating locally.  We ask: Does this company fit with the overall team? We then assess each subcontractor’s strength to ensure they can complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. Finally, we respect our subcontractors as business entities: we pay them promptly and treat them with dignity and respect. 

UBC’s comprehensive yet concise bid packages—and, for the awardees, our subcontract agreements—clearly and realistically communicate each job in terms of scope, schedule, cost, quality and their relationship to other trades. We make it a point to go above and beyond the information contained in typical bid packages. By addressing every detail of the work, and clearly stating our expectations, our bid packages produce reliable bids and accurate pricing. We make our awards expeditiously, focusing on the best value to ownership rather than just the low bidder.



Our long-term success depends on having workers who are productive, well-educated and healthy.  At UBC safety is our number one priority.  We recognize that there are hazards in the construction industry and we take considerable measures to promote job safety.  Not only do we enforce our own unwavering safety standards, but we also employ outside safety consultants to monitor all job sites.  This helps us ensure that each of our team members, and each of our subcontractors, are doing all they can to stay safe.  We are committed to sending everyone home every day, healthy and uninjured!



We believe healthy homes make for healthy, happy residents.  We are experts in the ever-evolving field of clean building technology.  According to the Environmental and Energy Institute, buildings account for approximately 48% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Thus, we have an enormous opportunity, and responsibility, to contribute toward greenhouse gas reductions. To that end, we have invested considerable time and effort in the education of our employees and in a variety of green initiatives.  

We have extensive experience in applying the green initiatives of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We work closely with our clients to promote clean living while at the same time minimizing the impact each building has on our environment.  As a result, we are proud recipients of multiple LEED Platinum designations. We are also experts in installing energy efficient building components so that, upon completion, each of our buildings meet or exceed their Title 24 goals. Finally, we are members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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