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Michelle Walther

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Walther is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. Michelle continues to expand the Company’s innovative programs in three foundational areas: corporate diversity, company safety and team building. Michelle is a strong voice for diversity and an advocate for women in the construction industry; UBC is always seeking qualified women to join the UBC team. Michelle is helping the Company navigate the COVID-19 crisis. She has embraced technology, by implementing Procore at all levels of the Company. She is also enhancing safety, both internally and with our consultants, with a “UBC Safety Center” at each job location and a UBC Director of Safety starting in 2022. Finally, Michelle works tirelessly to continually upgrade UBC’s employee benefit programs to make the Company an attractive, safe, home for all the UBC family. Michelle’s responsibilities include coordinating construction activities between the field staff, the UBC Headquarters and the Company’s Satellite Office in Granada Hills.

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